Let the River Answer – Meditative Piano CD

  1. I Stand at the Door & KnockMeditative Piano 234
  2. Hiraeth Dirgel
  3. White Kites at Night
  4. Let the River Answer
  5. Martha’s Rondo
  6. Er Cof am Glyn
  7. Beyond Understanding
  8. Maiden of the Underworld
  9. If we Knew how to Listen
  10. Nosda Catherine

Holding on to my youngest daughter’s hand as she was learning to walk, I realised it was her showing me the way rather than the other way round. She was leading me back to some of the things I had lost.

In this album I wanted to return to my beginnings as a composer, writing solely on the piano and without any words, the way I started. I rescued some very old material, rearranging and writing new phrases to connect old ideas. It was rewarding to see old tunes shine through, but the cornerstone of the project was Martha’s Rondo, a new piece.

Brechdan Jam a Phwdin Reis – Ysgol Hafod Lon

  1. Helo ‘NaBechdan 234
  2. Brechdan Jam a Phwdin Reis
  3. Christmas Day is Dawning
  4. A Story You Know
  5. Dewin Gwlad Oz
  6. Criw Hafod Lon
  7. Y Storm
  8. Over the Rainbow
  9. Dewi Vilaichon
  10. Sasha Evans
  11. Guto Meredydd Jones
  12. Mabli Brown
  13. Marc Ross Taylor
  14. Ioan Lloyd
  15. Tahlia Martin
  16. Sing with Tomos
  17. Mathew Postlethwaite
  18. Ryan Hughes

This is an album I produced and recorded with the pupils at the school where I teach. Most of the songs on the album are originals written for or with the pupils. Some were also written by other local songwriters such as Garry Bird (track 2) and Ed Holden (track 6). Track 7, (The Storm), was a collaboration with Sioned Roberts of Ensemble Cymru. Copies are available to buy from Hafod Lon School.

Ffordd ar Gau (Road Closed) EPCamel Club 234

  1. Dim ond Gwymon
  2. Ffordd ar Gau
  3. Eneidiau’r Haul
  4. Tewach na Dwr
  5. Mynydd Caerffili
  6. Rain
  7. Cyn Gadael

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Composer and Songwriter