I saw Jesus today
His body was broken
And he was unable to speak a single word
His legs were bound not to a cross
But to a chair
A lady removed his splints and his socks
And I noticed the marks on his feet
She anointed them with balm
And then took him out to be changed
As he had soiled himself
When he returned I noticed a scar on his forehead
Where he had beaten himself
Out of loneliness and despair
So hurt was he by the darkness

But in his eyes there was the innocence of a child
There was integrity, purity, honesty
And kindness beyond what I had ever seen
It was Jesus’ love, I realise it now.
He caught my jumper as I passed by
All he wanted was for me to hold his hand
But I took my arm away and left the room
Returning to my busy life, not realising who he was.

Composer and Songwriter